At Inspired Wallpaper our online affiliate program is a great way to give your clients the opportunity to enhance their home, office or event.

Our eCommerce website allows customers to select, edit and checkout. They can have their design shipped out or our team can install.

Whether you are in the corporate sector, a home or commercial builder, retail shop, aged care facility, or event planner we would love to connect with your business.

We have a simple and easy to use affiliate program which benefits your clients and provides added income to your bottom line.

We provide a coded link for your clients to visit our website. This allows us to detect your client referrals. Once they have clicked the link they are your client. They will not have to keep selecting the link for you to be rewarded.

To assist with your marketing we will provide access to marketing banners and customised banners if requested.

So contact us today for more information on our affiliate partnerships.

Why choose Inspired Wallpaper?

We produce the highest quality removable and long lasting wallpaper prints for your Home,Business, Aged Care and Special Events.

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