Preparing your Wall

Preparing your wall correctly before application of your wallpaper is essential. Below are a few  supplier recommendations that MUST occur prior to successful installation:

  • Flat paints only (no high gloss finishes)
  • AVOID teflon paints, Inspired Wallpaper need the adhesion
  • Painted surfaces must have at least 2 weeks post painting to allow for out-gassing & exiting of any solvents
  • We don't recommend installing our standard wallpaper if your wall is prone to dampness (either side of the wall)
  • Perfectly clean - no dirt, dust or staining
  • If you’re not 100% sure on any of the above, re-coat with a standard flat white undercoat & leave for 2 weeks prior to install or at a minimum, wipe over with Vipond’s wall prep to create the key/surface tension to ensure adhesion
  • Giving the area a light sand with a fine grade sandpaper also helps to ensure all contaminants are removed & ensures your custom wallpaper has a slightly coarse surface to adhere to

For more tips on installing wallpaper please link to our DIY brochure.

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