At Inspired Wallpaper we can provide your customers with a great alternative to plain colored walls and add additional profits to your bottom line with minimal effort from your team.

Feature wallpaper is a growing market and it is a perfect option for new and old home owners, your corporate offices, home building displays and also a backdrop to your own corporate event.

We provide great wholesale rates and we make it simple and easy to join our affiliate program.

Our Website

We have invested heavily to built and design an eCommerce website with access to millions of wallpaper images for customers to select and edit online. They can also choose installation and shipping options before making their final payment on our site. Check out the steps below.

The website is automated and simple to use. You can use it confirm customer wholesale rates and also to utilise our Affiliate Program.

Our Wholesale Option

Our website and promotional Wallpaper pricing is set at $79 per m2 

Our wholesalers wallpaper price is 20% off or $63 per m2 plus an additional 10% on all installation costs and design work. 

Your Wholesale Pricing Example:

Wallpaper order - 300cm x 300cm = 9m2 = $711

Wholesale Wallpaper Profit (20% commission) = $142.20

Installation order - 300cm x 300cm = 9m2 = $550

Wholesale Installation Profit (10% commission) = $55

Total Wholesale Profit = $197.20

Affiliate Package

Our Affiliate Package can drive new sales with minimal work from your team. You just share a link and let us do the rest.

We provide affiliates with a login platform to view all signups, sales and commissions live.

We provide a coded link for your clients to visit our website. This allows us to detect your client sales. Once they have clicked the link they are your client. They will not have to keep selecting the link for you to be rewarded in the future.

We include all the tools to promote to your database and social media channels. We can customise all marketing to fit in with your needs with different size banners, videos and any other promotional ideas you may have.

Below are some samples of what our marketing team can put together to incorporate Scott Salisbury Homes.

Our Video marketing example includes Scott Salisbury Homes logo, but this can be removed depending on your marketing strategy.

Our website provides the opportunity to receive a 10% discount on wallpaper (only) to encourage the sale. We are able to use that 10% discount for all our social media marketing banners.

Start Today

We understand that all businesses have their core products that they sell and sometimes adding another product can just be a headache that you don't want.

At Inspired Wallpaper it is our job to make implementation quick, easy and simple with great financial reward.

The process can start now, so sign up today. 

Why choose Inspired Wallpaper?

We produce the highest quality removable and long lasting wallpaper prints for your Home,Business, Aged Care and Special Events.

Millions of Images
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